10 health benefits of yoghurt.

10 health benefits of yoghurt for skin+ health.



10 health benefits of yoghurt. Curd is an important source of Iodine, and also contains Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Potassium, Zinc, etc.

We all like curd and like to consume curd in any food item like raita, curd rice, kadhi , etc. Yogurt is known to be a probiotic-rich food that helps strengthen gut health. Yogurt can be beneficial for people going through digestive issues. They can consume food containing probiotics. A probiotic like curd is really helpful in the summer season. However, is it safe to consume it during the winter season?

Is it safe to eat curd in the winter season?

In the winter season, special care should be taken of immunity. People should eat such food which increases their immunity and prevents them from getting sick. Consuming seasonal food helps in maintaining good health. Nevertheless, in winter, people should be careful in eating and drinking. Yogurt is rich in nutrients and contains other essential nutrients. It is a rich source of calcium and keeps the body and bones strong and healthy. Curd also prevents acidity, bloating, and gas.

 10 Benefits of yoghurt

  1.   Good for skin:

10 health benefits of yoghurt for skin + health.

Curd is well-known for its ability to promote healthy and glowing skin. Curd contains natural moisturizing ingredients that keep the skin from drying out. It can help people with acne who have gastrointestinal issues and can also be used as a beauty face pack as it contains lactic acid, which acts as an exfoliator and removes dead cells and blemishes. All stomach-related issues take a back seat because curd contains elements that keep the gut happy and healthy. A yogurt face mask is a wonderful option for anyone who wants to incorporate yogurt into your skin care regimen. This probiotic has several benefits for your overall health. However, it can also help improve your skin health when used topically.

 2. Exfoliates Skin

The lactic acid in yogurt may also help in exfoliating your skin and improving skin cell turnover rate . Additionally, lactic acid does not irritate the skin while removing the dead skin cells.

3. May Help Reduce Acne

Yogurt contains zinc. Some research shows that zinc may help treat inflammatory acne

  4.Storehouse of Vitamins:

Yogurt contains abundant levels of vitamin B2 and B12. Vitamin B2 is essential for healthy nerves, eyes, and skin. Vitamin B12 is essential for maintaining bone health and its deficiency leads to anemia. Yogurt also contains healthy amounts of vitamin D and E. Vitamin D is essential for skeletal health and vitamin E aids in maintaining healthy skin, as well as reproductive health.

  5.Bone Health:

10 health benefits of yoghurt for skin + health.

Calcium is essential for maintaining the good condition of our bones. We all know that milk is a great source of calcium, but digesting milk is difficult for many people. Yogurt contains all the essential minerals, including calcium, that are present in milk, but is also much easier to digest (not just that it also aids in digestion). Therefore, consuming yogurt helps in maintaining the strength of the bones. It is also good for patients suffering from osteoporosis and rheumatism. Yogurt is a boon for many people who suffer with being lactose intolerant.

 6.Boosts Gastrointestinal Health:

Yogurt can be used as a milk substitute for lactose intolerant individuals who cannot digest milk and would normally lose out on its health benefits. Due to the presence of active bacterial strains in yogurt, it is easily digestible. In fact, the “pro-biotic” components of yogurt, produced by the lactic acid bacteria present in it, aid in alleviating constipation, diarrhoea,  colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and even infections by peptic ulcer-causing bacteria H. pylori, which may eventually lead to stomach cancer.

 7.Lowers Hypertension:

The regular intake of dairy products has been shown to lower hypertension. However, due to the presence of high fat content, excessive consumption is not advisable. Yogurt combines a low-fat dairy option with the benefits of a normal dairy option.

10 health benefits of yoghurt.

 8. Cures Bad Breath:

Yogurt is a natural cure for bad breath and has reduced halitosis by up to 80% in test subjects. Levels of plaque and gingivitis were also found to be lower among daily consumers of yogurt.

 9.Effective Against Skin and Hair Conditions:

Yogurt, when applied topically, has been proved to cure acne and skin rashes and gives a healthy glow by reducing dark circles and closing pores. It is also beneficial for the hair and cures itchy scalp and dandruff.
It is quite apparent that yogurt is helpful in achieving and maintaining a healthy body. The daily consumption of yogurt provides a large chunk of essential nutrients as well.

 10. Combats Skin Infection:

The lactic acid in yogurt possesses antifungal properties . These could help combat fungal infections on your skin.

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