Benefits of Rice water for skin.

Is rice water good for skin?

Benefits of rice water for skin. Rice water — the water left over after you cook rice — has long been thought to promote stronger and more beautiful hair. The earliest known use of it was over 1,000 years ago in Japan.

Today, rice water is gaining popularity as a skin treatment too. It’s said to soothe and tone your skin, and even improve different skin conditions. Even more enticing, rice water is something you can easily and inexpensively make at home.

Rice water contains substances known to help protect and repair your skin. Despite some real benefits, there are many claims about it that science hasn’t fully proven.

Rice water benefits the skin in numerous ways and is gaining attention for its use in many skin care regimens. The water that we simply throw away after cooking rice may offer a solution to a wide range of skin issues. This starchy water is an integral part of Korean and Japanese skin care treatments. It can be prepared at home easily. You can include it in your skin care routine and reap the benefits in the long run. It also is inexpensive. Continue reading to understand more about rice water, its benefits, and its preparation and ways of use.

Benefits of rice water for skin

1.Dry skin

benefits of rice water for skin

Rice water is known to help with skin irritation caused by sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), an ingredient found in many personal care products. Anecdotal evidence has shown that using rice water twice a day helps skin that has been dried and damaged by SLS.

2.Eczema, acne, rashes, and inflammation

Plenty of people claim that applying rice water topically can soothe the skin, clear up blemishes caused by skin conditions like eczema, and help it heal. Based on what we know about the properties of rice water, there’s reason to think that some of these claims are true. However, hard evidence is still lacking.

3.Sun damage protection

benefits of rice water for skin

Chemicals contained in rice have been shown to help protect the skin against the sun’s rays. A 2016 showed that it was an effective sunscreen when combined with other plant extracts.

4. Skin Brightening Effect

This benefit of rice water has not been scientifically proven. However, people in Korea and Japan use rice water to minimize blemishes and brighten their skin. It is assumed that rice water may contain some enzymes that have a skin brightening effect. This is why it is used as an active ingredient in soaps and creams.

5. Soothes Sunburn

Rice water feels soothing on sunburned skin. Many people find it extremely beneficial for treating mild symptoms of sunburn, such as redness, inflammation, and itching.

When applied on the skin, starchy rice water also has a tightening and toning effect. This could be especially beneficial for people with oily skin.

There is limited evidence supporting the effect of rice water on the skin. However, since it is devoid of chemicals and suitable for all skin types, there is no harm in giving it a try. If you want to try it out, check out how to prepare rice water at home in the next section.

6. Rice water can reduce oiliness

Those with oily skin can rinse with rice water because its astringent effects help to reduce oiliness and protect the skin from pimples and acne.

Preparation Method

1. Boiled method
  • Boil 1 cup of rice with the amount of water normally used for cooking.
  • Strain the starchy water in a bottle and let it cool down completely before you store it in the refrigerator.
2.Fermented rice water

To make fermented rice water, use the same process for soaking the rice. Then, instead of refrigerating the water (after pressing and straining out the rice), leave it in a jar at room temperature for one or two days. When the container starts to have a sour smell, put it in the refrigerator. Dilute with plain water before using.

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