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Dowry .

Here i introduce you the real rights of women’s.

What’s the real women’s rights? First i want to tell you that there is a difference between a boy and a man. so why do you think that a girl and women’s are same. Why women have not got their rights till today because we consider women as girl. Till today, we think about the rights of girls who say that we can compete with men. What is there in men that we do not have in girls. We want to come at night whenever we want. No one can stop us from doing whatever we want. We can do our own work, we don’t need man. The rights of these girls are eating the rights of the helpless women who are giving sacrifices to save their homes.

This is the mistake.

Women cannot compete with men.

The system that Allah has created is absolutely right. We should not asked to be allowed to have a job when we want to go out. This is what I want to tell all those who understand and those who don’t understand. If you say no, all man can’t be the same. So listen, all women’s are not the same.

Have you ever thought how helpless women are?

A father takes care of his daughter with so much difficulty. And think a father is also a men. we are not criticizing men. The father spent all his life in building a house and then gave the whole house to his daughter by selling it. Daughter,  he gave the dowry, he gave it and you are coming down to give a name .Give us what Islam has required of us. I thought that if this happened to men, their blood would be heated.

Is your blood not the same as ours?

We women are not asking for anything extra from men,  we want what we deserve.

A father not only gives his daughter in marriage, but gives a whole house in dowry, which he spends his whole life building. If you give respect, then his father will be happy, his brother will also be happy, then these men will also get their rights.

It is a matter of humanity. 

When you keep someone’s daughter conscious, someone will keep your daughter happy. When it comes to women’s rights, everyone thinks that we should blame men. 

NO our fathers are also men. It’s about nature Women can be bad and so can men, but remember that not everyone is the same.

Change the way you think about yourself. Bring out the goodness inside. If we stop dowry today, our generations will be spared from this curse.

Say no to dowry.

Life is good or bad?

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