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Emotional and inspiring quotes.

Here we show you the emotional and inspiring quotes


Emotional and inspiring quotes.

  1. You can miss people but you don’t have to want them back, you can forgive people but you don’t have to give them second chances.
  2. Wait for the one, but do not wait for someone to be the one.
  3. We are not who we used to be.
  4. In this love,

i think i went too far in getting you, i lost so much of me to get this little of you.

5.You gave them the power to shatter your tranquility in the name of love.

6.My favrt star still shines the same, but i don’t stare at it anymore. Maybe because nowadays i love darkness much more.

7.How many times will i let myself be a second choice before i learn that there are no runner-ups in love.

8.When he says that he is scared of hurting you it’s not empathy it’s a warning.

9.My eyes refuse to watch you leave, so tears will blur the memory.

10.I don’t have enough strength to sit and talk about my life and want sympathy.

11. Why do i still look for you in everyone else?

12.How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

13. Why do i write something like this and delete it all night long? Is it necessary to tell everyone after saying everything?

14. The pain i don’t say loud, builds a home inside me.

15. Scream, cry, disappear. Do whatever it takes until you are you again.

16.I am a child with an old soul. i see magic in everything, but at the same time, everything tires me because i feel everything so very deeply.

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